Need in Deed engages students in service-learning around community issues of each classroom’s choice.


Need in Deed’s approach to service-learning extends through the school year and is designed to

  • deepen students’ connection to school,
  • improve their academic skills, and
  • build habits of inquiry, problem-solving, and civic participation.

Need in Deed staff supports each classroom from initial inquiry through project implementation. A unique set of partnerships makes this experience possible for more than 3,600 Philadelphia public school students grades 3 through 8 every year:

  • classroom teachers in the School District of Philadelphia voluntarily elect to integrate service-learning into their practice; and
  • representatives of the city’s vast network of public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and higher education and health institutions voluntarily serve as classroom resources during the students’ inquiry and design process.
Monitoring our impact

Since 2015, Need in Deed has participated with a cross-section of Philadelphia-based education and health nonprofits in the Building Agency Capacity for Program Evaluation Initiative supported by the Barra Foundation, the Philadelphia Foundation, and the Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation. Working with our partner in this program, the Yale Consultation Center, we annually monitor the impact of our work.


Teacher Network

Need in Deed teachers believe in students’ potential and the importance of student voice. They are part of a vibrant network of educators who are integrating service-learning into their classroom practice.

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Community Partners

Need in Deed’s community partners bring the “real world” into the classroom. Every year, across the city, individuals from local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and higher education and health institutions step into Need in Deed classrooms.

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Student Projects

Need in Deed Students learn while making a difference in their communities. Every year, the students in Need in Deed classrooms tell us what community issues they care about and why. Below is a list of featured student projects.


Our workshops, trainings, consultations, and technical support are highly interactive and tailored to each setting and need.

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Join Us

Need in Deed accepts new members of the teacher network from March through June annually.

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Not only did this project have an impact on my students, it also taught me how I can integrate service learning with curriculum and what a powerful effect it can have in the classroom.

Year1 Need in Deed Teacher