Need in Deed transforms teaching and learning.

We do this by

  • listening to what students tell us about the strengths and challenges of their communities;
  • engaging students in learning that makes connections between the world they see around them, the issues they care about, and the skills and concepts of the school curriculum;
  • supporting classroom educators in using effective teaching strategies; and
  • bringing the city’s professionals and practitioners into the classroom experience.

Present in more than 100 classrooms across the city and serving 3,000 students in up to 60 schools annually, Need in Deed partners with committed educators who want their students to experience learning that has meaning and purpose. Through a process that starts with a community inventory in September and culminates in June with reflection on learning, students in our classrooms experience learning as connected to the world around them and themselves as effective actors in the world.

  • Classroom teachers in the School District of Philadelphia voluntarily elect to affiliate with Need in Deed.
  • Representatives of the city’s vast network of public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and higher education and health institutions voluntarily serve as classroom resources.
Measuring our impact

We follow best practice by contracting with an external evaluator, a specialist in public health and youth development, to conduct ongoing multiple qualitative and quantitative assessments.

Angel Brice

Teacher Partners

Need in Deed teachers believe in students’ potential and the importance of student voice. They are part of a vibrant network of educators who are transforming their classroom practice.

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Community Partners

Need in Deed’s community partners bring the “real world” into the classroom. Every year, across the city, individuals from local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and higher education and health institutions step into Need in Deed classrooms.

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Student Projects

Need in Deed Students learn while making a difference in their communities. Every year, the students in Need in Deed classrooms tell us what community issues they care about and why. Below is a list of featured student projects.


Our workshops, trainings, consultations, and technical support are highly interactive and tailored to each setting and need.

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It helps kids make connections between what they see happening in the world and what you are trying to accomplish in the classroom.

Year 2 Need in Deed Teacher