We believe in the power of connecting the classroom with the community.


With a mission to improve the education of students grades 3–8 in Philadelphia’s traditional public and charter schools, Need in Deed helps students increase academic and 21st-century skills through the transformative experience of service-learning that connects the classroom with the community. We support teachers as they make service-learning a part of their teaching toolbox and facilitate relationships with community partners who make our students’ projects meaningful and authentic.


We know that connecting the classroom with the community is a powerful way to unlock students’ potential and engage them in learning, and our guiding values of student voice, reflection, and real-world curriculum drive this intention.

We are committed to providing young people in Philadelphia the transformative experience of service-learning—in their schools, with their teachers, and with community partners.


of Network teachers reported they sustained or grew their application of students’ learning to the real world during the 2017-2018 school year.


We believe in students’ potential.

We believe in the enormous potential of every young person, and we believe that every young person deserves the best educational experience possible.

We believe in connection.

We believe in the power of connecting the classroom with the community.

We believe in teachers.

We believe that classroom teachers are best positioned to guide their students through the service-learning experience and make connections to the curriculum and academic and other skills.