Service-learning invites students to apply their academic skills to real-life issues in their communities and schools.

Need in Deed invites students to explore community issues that they care about and to take action. Our approach to service-learning gives them a real-world context for the concepts and skills in their curriculum. It calls on them to use their gifts and talents to speak out or act on behalf of others. And every year, they amaze us with their passion and perception, and they reaffirm our belief in their promise.

Service-learning is

Need in Deed’s service-learning experience

  • happens in the classroom, during the school day
  • is facilitated by the classroom teacher
  • extends over the school year
  • starts with student voice
  • builds classroom community
  • incorporates inquiry, action, and reflection
  • brings students into contact with local individuals involved in the issue the students choose to explore
  • is supported by Need in Deed staff

To hear students’ reflections on their service-learning experience, click here.

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Developed by educators, My Voice is a process of self-discovery, reflection, inquiry, and action that connects the classroom with the community.


My Voice, Need in Deed’s framework for service-learning, encourages active, hands-on learning integrated with the school curriculum.

My Voice is a structured sequence of classroom activities. Adaptable for every grade level and continuously updated, it is designed with flexibility so that any subject area—math, science, social studies, language arts, art—can serve as the entry point for service-learning.

Incorporating best-practice strategies in education, public health, and design thinking, My Voice offers powerful ways for students to learn more about the world while building their sense of purpose and capability.

From initial inquiry through implementation of their project, My Voice gives students multiple opportunities to develop and apply skills of reading comprehension, speaking, writing, math, social studies and science, information literacy, listening, planning, and teamwork.

  • Every member of the Need in Deed Teacher Network receives My Voice, along with supporting classroom materials and tools.
  • For those outside the Need in Deed network, we can provide customized workshops, trainings, and consultations in using My Voice.

To learn more about how Need in Deed Teachers use My Voice and service-learning, click here.

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