What social issues do Need in Deed students care about?

At this point in the school year, Need in Deed classes are beginning to identify the social issues they will study for the remainder of the term.  The events of the past year, including the pandemic, the challenges of online learning, racial injustice, and the fallout from the insurrection at the United States Capitol, are clearly on the minds of our students grades 3-8 as they choose their social issues.

Some of the issues our classes are tackling are:

  • Racism and discrimination
  • Covid-19
  • Concern for the environment
  • Homelessness
  • Mental health
  • Child Welfare

In the coming weeks, the students will research the root causes and effects of these challenges on their communities.  They will also hear from and interview visitors, or as we call them, community partners to their online classrooms who have first-hand knowledge of these topics.

Students in Need in Deed classrooms are encouraged to think critically about these social issues, view them from different perspectives, and explore how real solutions might be found through collective work and action.