As Covid-19 is profoundly impacting communities all over the world, Need in Deed continues to seek meaningful ways to connect the classroom with the community. 

D’vorah Horn-Greenberg at an online Need in Deed teacher training.


In these difficult times it is important to maintain contact with the communities we serve.  No one believes this more than our longtime friend and community partner, D’vorah Horn-Greenberg from Mending Spirit.  D’vorah is the founder, director, and studio artist at Mending Spirit an organization whose mission is “to bring art, art experiences, and artists where the spirit needs mending.”  Their vision is “to create ongoing, transformative, art experiences for healing.”

Mending Spirit has served many Need in Deed classes that wanted to bring an artistic component to their service-learning projects.  Students have painted stained glass windows and made beautiful flower arrangements in their classrooms with the help and resources of Mending Spirit.

In fact, D’vorah led an activity at one of our virtual teacher trainings on how teachers can bring art to their students while teaching from a distance.  D’vorah suggested many ways for students to create art in non-traditional ways with found objects and supplies that many of us have in our homes.

We wanted to know how Mending Spirit is continuing their very important work in the community and how we could help.

In this recent interview with Program Manager Julia Shields Chrestay, D’vorah tells us how Mending Spirit continues to bring healing art to the community and how we can contribute our own artistic expressions to those who need it most.