As advocates for student voice in the classroom, it is only fitting that Need in Deed should hear the voices of students in regards to our work.

  • What do students REALLY think about Need in Deed?
  • How could input from students make a difference in the way that Need in Deed supports our teachers and classrooms? 
  • How can Need in Deed help students grow as leaders and advocates for student-driven education in Philadelphia?  

After an extensive search and application process, the following 6 students will help guide Need in Deed into the future!  We asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves. Meet these incredible 5th-7th grade students below.

Meet Brianna
7th grader
Things that Brianna is good at:  telling jokes, eating
Favorite TV shows/books/movies: How to Train Your Dragon, Percy Jackson
Brianna says: I’m interested in joining the Student Advisory Council because I want more opportunities to share my voice and voice my opinions.  


Meet Mikaela  
6th grader
Words that describe Mikaela: caring, sentimental, energetic
Favorite TV shows/books/movies: Law and Order, Harry Potter, Madagascar
Mikaela says:  I am excited to advocate for important social issues and educating other students about them.  I think being involved with Need in Deed can help me form meaningful connections with some pretty amazing people who are trying to help the world.  

Meet Asher
5th grader
Words that describe Asher: smart, funny, goofy
Things Asher is good at: sports, especially football
Asher says: I really like to learn and help other people.  I feel like when I have something to give that can help other people it’s my duty to support them.

Meet Shamah 
6th grader
Words that describe Shamah: insightful, determined, intelligent,
Things Shamah cares about: health, nature, guinea pigs
Shamah says: My goals are to do well in school and make a change.  I am working on learning about climate change and how to stop it.  After all, climate change will have a huge impact on our future, and I am doing my best to help stop it.

Meet Ly’Niyah 
5th grader
Things Ly’Niyah is good at: cooking, dancing, math
Favorite books/movies/TV shows: Harry Potter, Yes Day, Nailed it
Ly’Niyah says: I’m a passionate leader. I can always lift people’s spirits.  I love talking and listening to others.  I am a motivator for my classmates. 

Meet Jordan
7th grader
Words that describe Jordan: funny, outgoing, smart
Things Jordan is good at: Tae Kwan Do, fashion, make-up
Jordan says: When I see an issue that needs to be fixed I will do everything in my power to help, whether that be signing petitions, sharing on social media, etc.  This year I have learned so much about social issues that I want to keep learning and helping.