Carol Rostucher of Angels in Motion

The continued “shelter-in-place” order due to Covid-19  affects every aspect of our lives including ways that we demonstrate our love and concern for one another. This is true as teachers find creative ways of helping students learn and as Need in Deed continues to help students address the social issues that concern them. 


We were grateful for a chance to speak to Carol Rostucher, the founder of Angels in Motion, who generously gives her time to help Need in Deed students  find ways to go beyond the headlines of the opioid crisis in our city to hear real stories and find tangible ways to offer help.


In this video interview Carol shares a few ideas. 

We’re glad to learn that there are still simple things we can do to touch the lives of vulnerable people–even as we practice social distancing. Notes and cards for Carol to include in the Blessing Bags she distributes can be sent to her directly. The address is found on the Angels in Motion website   The PDF of the flyer she created can be found here


Carol is right to note that “The caring is still there,” among people living on the street. We’re happy to have a few ways to show that is true for students, teachers and all of us in these difficult days.