Need in Deed connects the classroom with the community.

Student Projects

Need in Deed students learn while they make a difference in their communities.

Teacher Network

Need in Deed teachers believe in students’ potential and the importance of student voice.

Community Partners

Need in Deed’s community partners bring the “real world” into the classroom.


We believe in education equity.

We believe that every child has the right to a high-quality education that puts students at the center of the learning experience.

We believe in student agency.

We believe that students’ curiosity, leadership, and lived experience drive learning.

We believe in teacher expertise.

We believe that classroom teachers benefit from a community of practice and support that cultivates their capacity and skills.

We believe in authentic connection.

We believe that public education is stronger when teachers, students, and communities listen to and learn from each other.


Learn directly from teachers about the power of the Need in Deed framework

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Our supporters are making an investment in the city’s future.

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Need in Deed in the News!

We were recently featured in Chalkbeat for this year’s Shout Out:

Nonprofit helps Philly students discuss Israel, gun violence, and other tough topics

Joining the Teacher Network has helped me refresh my teaching and given me supports I appreciated and needed. As a veteran teacher, I appreciated the opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues throughout the city and to grow in my field.

Year 2 Need in Deed Teacher