Need in Deed just marked our 30th Anniversary bringing service-learning to Philadelphia schools.

To celebrate — and to better connect the classroom with the community — we're getting ourselves a new website! Stay tuned for the big reveal, coming Summer 2018!

About Need in Deed

With a mission to improve education in Philadelphia's traditional public and charter schools, NID helps 3rd-8th grade students increase academic and 21st-century skills.

Students engage in a yearlong process of active problem-solving around a community issue of each classroom's choice. Known as service-learning, the process is designed to

NID staff supports each classroom from initial inquiry through project implementation. We serve our mission through a unique set of partnerships:

In the 2017-2018 academic year, 150 Need in Deed teachers are bringing this remarkable experience to 3,900 students in 63 public schools across the city with the help of up to 70 community partners.

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Executive Director

Title: Executive Director
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Reports to: Board of Directors

Organizational Summary

Need in Deed (NID) was established thirty years ago when a group of Philadelphia parents endeavored to increase their children’s involvement in their school-based community service and, in doing so, to make the students’ academic curriculum material more engaging and meaningful. These ideas formed the basis of Need in Deed’s mission – service-learning – a teaching pedagogy that gives students a voice in their classroom while allowing them to make authentic connections between learning and the real world. For thirty years, Need in Deed has strengthened student’s educational experiences by helping their teachers ground their lessons in service-learning initiatives that make academic concepts real and relevant.

To accomplish its mission, Need in Deed trains teachers and partners with local nonprofits, government agencies, and companies to provide classroom experts in the social issues chosen by the students. The result, as identified by a study conducted by Research for Action, is that Need in Deed students had a superior ability to determine causes and effects, greater trust in their teachers, better math and reading PSSA scores and fewer suspensions than their non-Need in Deed peers. Need in Deed classrooms are more conducive to learning and teachers are participants in a community of support that validates and strengthens their educational approach which ensures that their impact expands exponentially each year as they guide a new set of students.

In the 2017-18 school year, Need in Deed is working with 150 3rd-8th grade teachers in 63 of Philadelphia’s traditional public and charter schools, reaching 3,900 students.

Position Summary

The Executive Director (ED) will have strategic and operational responsibility for NID’s staff, programs, resource development, vision and execution of its mission. The new ED will be a skillful thinker who will work in concert with the Board to develop a long term, multi-dimensional development strategy, raise the organization’s public profile and create a plan for the organization’s future growth. The ED will have a notable track record of strong leadership, knowledge of public educational systems and particular strengths in communications, resource development, strategic planning and general management.

Specific Responsibilities

Fundraising and Communications

Leadership & Management

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Brett Weisberg