Need in Deed accepts new members of the Teacher Network from March through May annually.

We seek Philadelphia public and charter school educators teaching grades 3–8 who:

  • believe in each student’s capacity to excel;
  • want to join a vibrant community of Philadelphia educators;
  • want to incorporate student voice in their practice;
  • want to teach core curriculum standards in a real-world context;
  • want to connect the classroom to the wealth of resources, skills, and knowledge available in Philadelphia; and
  • have strong classroom management skills.

We offer a professional environment that honors teachers’ prior knowledge and experience.

We support teachers in deepening their practice as they connect their classrooms with the community.

We provide teachers with multiple opportunities to:

  • develop effective practice,
  • access the city’s vast array of resources, and
  • lend valuable support to their peers. 

Interested in becoming a Need in Deed teacher?

To see a brief video on being a Need in Deed Teacher, click here.

For an application, click here.